Proof of the Pudding: The publishers’ stories

Publishers use news automation at the intersection of journalism, audience and business imperatives. This is how some of our publishing partners leverage it.


Why NDC will cover 60,000 local football matches next season


In a nutshell: Dutch regional publisher NDC will combine robot journalism and crowdsourcing to cover all 60,000 regional football matches in the first post-Covid season.

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Gota Media, Sweden

Local media group go all in with robots to cover news deserts


In a nutshell: Gota Media publish automated stories about sports, real estate, company registrations and traffic in order to provide regular updates in all its local communities.

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Bergens Tidende, Norway. Regional title in the Schibsted group.

Automated real estate texts drive subscription sales in Norway


In a nutshell: Automation has enabled creation of a Homes Sales section on the Bergens Tidende site, driving subs sales through geotagging.

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Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen, Germany

Real time traffic updates drive page views, ad revenue


In a nutshell: Automated (road) traffic updates drive (site) traffic and automated ad impressions in southern Germany.

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Aftonbladet, Sweden. Part of the Schibsted group

“Automated content means our local sites always feel fresh and updated”


In a nutshell: Robot texts are the content foundation for Aftonbladet's 230 new local destination sites.

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Bärgslagsbladet, Sweden. Part of Bonnier News Local

"For a local newsroom, automation is necessary"


In a nutshell: Automation has freed up reporter time to do the stories that drive reader engagement.

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Mittmedia, Sweden. Part of Bonnier News Local

"Sports is key to our digital subscription success."


In a nutshell: By automating all match reports, Mittmedia have freed up newsroom resources to produce sports journalism that drive conversions and engagement.

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