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Robot texts generate 3% of all Mittmedia page views

During 2019, Mittmedia generated 7,3 million page views with the help of robot generated articles. This equalled 3 percent of the company’s total number of page views during that year.

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Aftonbladet use robot texts to expand Premier League coverage

“Speed and the ability to cover all matches in every round were key factors in this project,” says Sportbladet project manager Mattias Andersson.

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How robots put newsrooms in control

When a publisher decides to deploy tech for automated content, the primary reason is generally a business one – the robots generate additional coverage which in turn drive advertising and reader revenues. However, introducing data driven robot journalism has a secondary effect: It constitutes a new editorial tool – in more ways than one.

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Journalists with robot experience: "Not a threat!"

We recently received a question from two German researchers: Do journalists profit from the automated journalism or do they find themselves homeless a few years later? We reflected that this focus on the potential threat of automated content to reporters’ jobs and the quality of journalism is all but gone in Sweden. And that this may have something to do with the fact that here, almost all local media houses now use the technology every single day.

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Robot journalism: Scraping the internet vs using structured data

There’s an important discussion going on in our industry around the use of robots to produce journalism. Having worked in this field for several years now, we’ve heard sceptics question how it’s possible to build algorithms which create consistently reliable and correct articles. This concern is valid when the underlying data is collected by scraping the internet. But when you build your automated content on structured data sets, the risk of error is minimal.  

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Three local media groups go all in with robot journalism

2018 has certainly been the year automated content – robot journalism – has had a real break-through in Swedish newsrooms. The majority of Swedish local media groups, as well as national giant Aftonbladet, daily publish automated editorial texts in collaboration with Swedish United Robots.

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Robot journalism is officially the future

The 2019 edition of Schibsted’s much publicised yearly Future Report was published yesterday. We’re very happy to find robot journalism generally identified as a key trend for the future. And to find United Robots specifically featured, through our collaboration with Aftonbladet.

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Video: How we use NLG to turn structured data into multiple texts

We use Natural Language Generation to turn structured data into multiple texts, with different angles and aimed at different audiences.

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Video: Cover all sports, always

Swedish local media group Mittmedia (some 20 news sites) decided to automate all the match reporting of all divisions of all sports. This frees up time for sports reporters to cover breaking sports news, do the deeper, human stories that drive engagement.
The result: In one year, Sports went from having no real impact on the reader revenue business, to driving 30–40% of all digital subscription sales.

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Video: How Mittmedia use robot articles to meet demand for home sales content

Swedish local media group Mittmedia analysed their online content consumption and found that demand for articles about home sales significantly outstripped supply. Our Real Estate Robot was born.

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