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We’ve been automating editorial content since 2015 and we’ve documented it all. We’ve deployed news automation to fit with the business and journalism strategy of dozens and dozens of publishers. We have learnings to share.

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Journalists & robots working together – the story in 1 minute

The world's newsrooms face a double challenge: Producing more relevant journalism for their readers, with fewer editorial resources. 
Here's how United Robots can help:

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Video: How we use NLG to turn structured data into multiple texts

We use Natural Language Generation to turn structured data into multiple texts, with different angles and aimed at different audiences.

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Video: Cover all sports, always

Swedish local media group Mittmedia (some 20 news sites) decided to automate all the match reporting of all divisions of all sports. This frees up time for sports reporters to cover breaking sports news, do the deeper, human stories that drive engagement.
The result: In one year, Sports went from having no real impact on the reader revenue business, to driving 30–40% of all digital subscription sales.

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Video: How Mittmedia use robot articles to meet demand for home sales content

Swedish local media group Mittmedia analysed their online content consumption and found that demand for articles about home sales significantly outstripped supply. Our Real Estate Robot was born.

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