Sales campaigner

    We’re looking for a driven and experienced Sales Campaigner with complimentary sales responsibility to join our growing sales team.

    The demand for automated content and journalism is growing rapidly. United Robots' end game is to position ourselves as the supreme market leader for automated content for media and other industries. And we're well on the way, currently delivering our services to a growing number of customers in the Nordic countries, US, UK, and Europe.

    We're currently ramping up operations in an aggressive international expansion, building an organisation fit to tackle a global market with a huge potential.

    How we sell
    Our main sales methodology is inbound, with complementary outbound sales toward highly groomed and motivated hot leads. We work to position our services as attractive pain solvers and value drivers for clients. 

    We aim to create market and client awareness in focus industries and drive measurable incoming interest from well groomed leads. 

    Efforts are performed in close collaboration between our Marketing and Sales teams, where they join forces in market and client expertise, complementing skills and tasks to coordinate efforts and create a steady and growing influx of highly motivated leads. 

    Two words describe their joint mission: Sales enablement.

    Your role
    As a Sales Campaigner, you'll work in the Sales team, where skill sets and tasks are defined to complement and overlap for maximum team versatility. 

    Your main responsibilities
    Create and execute sales campaigns toward researched target contacts in focus industries to drive inbound leads and groom leads for outbound contact.
    Create campaign content.
    Evaluate, analyze and share conclusions on campaign effects and actively drive improvements of future campaign performance.
    Take care of inbound leads and hand them over to sales representatives or close deals yourself.
    Make one-to-one outbound contacts if necessary.

    Preferred skills and expertise
    – Experience from a tech-driven B2B environment
    – Experience of working with CRM supported sales campaigning
    – Experience in B2B client relations
    – High interpersonal communication skills
    – Excellent written and spoken English
    – A passion for a customer journey/client-first perspective
    – A passion for creating the best Prospect experience possible
    – Ability to explain complex things in user-friendly and easy-to-understand ways

    Preferred personal traits
    – You're thorough, documented and analytical
    – You're a problem solver who likes to work autonomously within a team environment
    – You enjoy driving measurable performance to hit and outperform set goals
    – You're a flexible people person
    – You're a creative end-to-end team player who loves to listen and talk equally

    Why work at United Robots?
    – Join a team of collaborative and solution oriented innovators
    – Fun and challenging work environment, far from corporate frameworks
    – Be part of a new industry – the content automation revolution
    – Join our journey – from one of Sweden’s 50 fastest growing tech companies 2020 to global market leader in automated content-as-a-service 
    – Be part of an international company and environment
    – Be based in an entrepreneurial environment at Djäkne Startup Studio
    – The job includes coffee, breakfast, ginger shots, smoothies and more from Djäkne Kaffebar

    Compensation package
    – Occupational pension
    – 6 weeks holiday
    – Choose your own equipment
    – Top hardware of choice included (mac/pc laptop, smart phone)
    – Flexible working hours – it’s not about when, where or how you work, it’s about what you deliver.

    Read about our story and culture here.

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