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McClatchy and NTM headline automation workshop

Next week – Tuesday Feb 8 – INMA is hosting their first ever workshop focused on content automation. The event is part of the Media Subscription Summit, and we're happy to announce that two of our successful publisher partners will be sharing insights and answer questions. 

Cynthia DuBose, Managing Editor Audience Engagement @ McClatchy, will share how the US local media group launched their first automated content initiative – what their strategy was and how they executed + lessons learned.

Jens Pettersson, Chief Digital Reader Revenue Officer & Anna-Karin Tilleby, Project Manager Content Development @ NTM will provide insights on how the Swedish local media group's use of automated content supports the reader revenue business. And how they get the right local content to the right reader by means of their news weighting algorithm.

To see the whole agenda and register for the event head over to INMA.

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