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News automation: The publishers’ stories

Publishers use news automation at the intersection of journalism, audience and business imperatives. This is how some of our publishing partners leverage it.

Polaris Group, Norway

Up to 50% conversion rate for automated AI stories at small Norwegian titles

Problem solved: With a local newsroom of only a few journalists, how do you create enough relevant content to attract and keep paying subscribers? That question is at the heart of a project around automated content at local media group Polaris Media in Norway. The starting point was obvious: real estate sales and local business had been top scoring topics or interest among readers for the past few years. Initial results are remarkable: every second to third automated article generates a subscription sale.

Fædrelandsvennen, Norway. Local title in the Polaris group

Growing traffic & revenue with low effort


Problem solved: With limited newsroom resources, Fædrelandsvennen (FVN) in Norway decided to test automating real estate sales reporting in order to 1. free up reporter time and 2. create more relevant content, and thereby more reasons for readers to visit the site. The content sits behind a paywall, but the page views alone generated by these articles means the project breaks even. The conversions it drives is profit on top.

McClatchy, USA

McClatchy discover the gaps to fill with automated content


Problem solved: McClatchy identified gaps in the reporting – topics driving new audiences which the publisher didn't have the reporter power to cover. Robots were deployed for some of the bulk routine reporting of information topics like high school sports and real estate sales.

Bergens Tidende, Norway. Regional title in the Schibsted group

Automated annual report articles revive local business journalism


Problem solved: Local business was an underreported segment at Bergens Tidende, as reporters' time was focused on investigative journalism rather than breadth of reporting. With the Business bot automating company annual reports, the publisher can suddenly cover all industries. Bonus: the business coverage is a smash hit with subscribers.

NTM, Sweden

Robots driving digital subscription value


Problem solved: A new group wide strategy for doubling the number of digital subscribers meant local media group NTM needed to create more value to drive engagement with readers. Robots in the newsroom are part of the solution.


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