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Automated content directly to your CMS, sites or apps

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Available products

All our products include an unlimited number of texts a month generated from the data source used. In addition to texts, we also provide images and graphs.

Language and data source are what determines which products we can offer in your market.

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How it works

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United Robots offers content-as-a-service, which means we build the robots and send the automatically generated content they produce straight to your CMS, sites or apps.

Taking care of data

You don’t have to be a data expert to make automation work. We take care of research, collection, and structuring, securing the best data available for your needs.

Managing integration

We have streamlined processes for the delivery of texts and articles. We lead the implementation, including integration and delivery into your content system/CMS.

Support and problem solving

We have years of experience working with publishers and automation. That experience is made available to you through our success managers. 



All our content services include an unlimited number of texts a month generated from the data source used. In addition to texts, we include for example Google street view images in Real Estate articles, and graphics of team logos with the final score in Sports articles.

The value of the volume

Our service model benefits publishers who leverage the volume of content which lies at the heart of the value of automation. For robots, one article takes as long to write as 100. And that’s the key.

They can write about all divisions of all sports or fill in news deserts in the local reporting map with stories of company registrations and house sales – coverage which would be too resource intensive to have reporters produce. And suddenly value is generated: reader engagement and revenue and even ad impressions – without any impact to newsroom resources.


In addition to driving value by leveraging volume, our pricing model includes relative cost reductions when a publisher:
– extends the coverage selected within one content service
– adds further content service(s)

Price model

We price our content services based on two factors:

1. The coverage (publisher specific)

Defines the breadth of the scope, e g:

  • Real estate, traffic, weather: specified geographical area(s)
  • Sports: leagues / games
  • Company registrations: industries / company size etc

2. The data source (content specific)

Defines the depth of the scope – the length and complexity of the generated texts. Each content service in each country/market has a specific data source.

Different data sources carry different costs, and are charged separately from the content generated (coverage selected).

We do the heavy lifting


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