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Content Products in the US

We provide automatically generated content packages, based on structured and regularly updated data, on a number of topics and in a number of languages.


Available products

Weather Warnings product

The US Weather Warnings product is based on data from the National Weather Service, and include a full range of events in categories like Winter weather, Excessive heat, Thunderstorms, Flooding and Wind.

Weather warnings cover

Real estate content

Residential Real Estate, which delivers information about sold homes in any given geographies.

Commercial Real Estate, which delivers information about commercial real estate sales within a specified area.


Sports content

We have two sports products in the US:

The Football (Soccer) product delivers automated soccer content prior to and after a game.

The Ice Hockey product delivers automated ice hockey content after a game.


Traffic product

The US traffic product delivers brief traffic updates from TomTom that cover real-time traffic incidents. Content is updated automatically when the situation changes. Each article includes a Google Maps satellite image to show the location of the incident.


Hurricane product

The Hurricane product delivers automated content for ongoing storm systems using data from the National Hurricane Center.



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