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How it works

Our Content-as-a-Service solution for newsrooms 
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We build the robots, so you don't have to...

United Robots offers Content-as-a-Service, which means we build the robots and send the automatically generated content they produce straight to your CMS, sites or apps.

Many other content automation suppliers just give you a login to a self-service interface and leave you on your own with a lot of work on your hands. That's not really automation, is it?

Here's how our Content-as-a-Service model saves you the heavy lifting:


How the robot texts become your own

United Robots guarantees that the texts you receive for publication will be unique to you. We do this in two ways:

1. You set the rules of your newsroom style guide

As part of the content service set-up, the publisher can provide the United Robots delivery team with feedback on the automated texts against certain items in the newsroom style guide.


2. How the text engine works

Our NLG text engine randomly generates tens of thousands of possible combinations of sentences – or more, depending on the number of data points involved / lengths of articles. On top of this it is set to not repeat any given combinations, so that the same text is never sent to more than one publisher.

Our service features

Taking care of data

We take care of research, collection, and structuring, securing the best data available for your needs.

Personal onboarding

We implement unique text options in the robot, according to your newsroom guidelines and preferences.

Streamlined integration

We lead the implementation process, including integration and delivery into your content system/CMS.

24/7 support and maintenance

We take full responsibility for maintenance, securing accurate and reliable delivery at all times.

Continuous improvement

We collect input from newsrooms and readers, and work toward enhanced content services and newsroom tools.

Success support and problem solving

Your personal success manager helps you solve problems and maximise the business and journalism effects you can achieve through news automation.

The United Robots launch sequence

We have a clear launch sequence, to get publishers up and running with the automated content. A member of our delivery team will support and follow you all the way from project scope until the content is live on your site, at which point you're handed over to one of our customer success managers.



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