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Content Products in Norway

We provide automatically generated content packages, based on structured and regularly updated data, on a number of topics and in a number of languages.


Real estate content

We have three real estate products in the Norwegian market:

The Single Sales product, which includes texts with information about sales of residential properties, including address, price, buyer/seller.

The Top List product, offering an overview of the most expensive sales in a designated area.

The Hytte product, based on data specifically about second homes, in the form of texts about single sales in any given area.


Available products

Business content

We offer two distinct business products in Norway:

The Annual Reports product, which includes short summaries based on businesses’ annual reports.

The Company product, which includes texts based on data about new company registrations as well as bankruptcies.


Weather product

The Norwegian weather product delivers forecasts based on data from Foreca. The data includes information about cloud cover, precipitation type and duration, wind strength and direction, and temperature.



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