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The New York Times (right)
The robots are coming, and Sweden is fine

Al Jazeera (video)
Sweden – Rise of the robots

WAN-IFRA World Association of News PublishersHow Newsrooms can leverage automation

8 tips to the introduction of robot journalism

Nieman Lab (Harvard)
How publishers around the world are using automated news

Atlanta Journal Constitution (right)
How AI was used to create the 2020 Atlanta Real Estate Report
(requires VPN fr EU)

Editor & Publisher
Real estate advertising revenue blasts off thanks to digital advances

Swedish Aftonbladet uses automation to outpace its competitors with its Covid-19 coverage (right)
I am a local journalist, what can AI do for me?

Can automation succeed in sports reporting?

Robot journalists revive hyperlocal communities left behind by declining regional media

Nordic news organisations show that robot journalism can make personalisation pay

InPublish (right)
AI makes the impossible possible

Poynter Institute (right)
Three media innovations to watch during and after Covid-19

What's New In Publishing
The next decade in media: The FIPP Insider Podcast

The future of bot created content, from the founder of United Robots

Ten startups helping simplify the world of media

Five news media startups you should know

RobotWritersAI (right)
Robots churn out news at top Swedish site

2020 – the top ten stories of the year in AI writing

Norway paper up for automated news award (Australia/NZ)
Robots help Swedish publishers reach target markets at scale

Scandinavian (right)
Robot ska skrive saker om alle boligsalg

Blir det solgt en bolig i nabolaget ditt leser du om det i Aftenbladet

Aftonbladets textrobot till hela Schibsted

Sveriges 30 mest lovande doldisbolag

In Spanish (right)
Cinco mejoras que la automatización de contenidos puede aportar a las redacciones

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