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    Automated updates on traffic and weather for readers and newsrooms


    With daily news events like traffic incidents, the key is to get information out to readers quickly. Our Daily Notices service provides instant updates directly to readers as well as to the newsdesk. After the first push notification and short text have been published to users, newsrooms can follow up the stories that merit it.

    With automated Daily Notices publishers can:

    • Drive engagement and even conversions by offering a fast and reliable service.
    • Offer follow functions to readers, e g "check your local traffic".
    • Surface scoops (newsdesk alerts on stories detected in the data).

    Lightning fast traffic updates

    Serve your readers with news and updates about all types of traffic incidents: accidents, road works, queues, animals on road and more. You get hyper fast, accurate and consistent traffic news 24/7 with no manual work involved. 

    The information is based on high end and reliable traffic data from Here.


    • Every traffic text comes with deep linked Google Maps and satellite images.
    • We apply any kind of metadata to the articles for publishers to distribute content effectively and in large volumes to readers by site, mobile apps, and SEO.
    • Our traffic robot not only serves readers with traffic alerts. It also sends notifications to the newsroom about any traffic event, for editors and reporters to act on with follow-ups or on-the-scene reporting.


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    Weather forecasts and temperature

    Our weather robot creates and delivers automated texts with daily forecasts and hourly temperature facts. Texts can be created and delivered for all geographies down to municipality level.

    Texts are based on country-specific or global data from data supplier Foreca. We can also integrate toward client proprietary weather data.

    • Texts are enriched with relevant metadata and can be further enriched with newsroom specific metadata on delivery/publication.
    • Texts can also be enriched with clients' unique generic images, illustrations or linking to any URL.


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