Zoom in on neighbourhoods with our Real Estate service

News on sold or bought real estate property is one of our most popular and well read type of local, regional and national content. Our Real Estate robot generates texts on property sales with information such as buyer, seller, location/address and price.   

Depending on the data source, it’s also possible to include further information about the property. With historical data, the robot can calculate and cover price comparisons over time and across geographies.


Features we offer

Images of the property

Real estate texts include images from Google Streetview and/or satellite and map images.

Top ten lists

Publish advanced top ten lists over sold property in any geo area and over any period of time, most expensive, largest/smallest, and more. Comes with images and linking to individual real estate articles.

Extended analysis

With additional data sources it’s possible to do deeper and wider analysis of price trends at various geographical levels; neighbourhood, city section, city, county, etc.

Drone video frames

We auto generate a drone footage frame with address label pinpointing the property.



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