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What our publisher partners say

Helena Tell, Editor-in-Chief, Bärgslagsbladet

For a small newsroom, automation is necessary

"We’re forever prioritising and sometimes I feel all we ever do is choose not to cover things. We know where to deploy our resources in order to make our readers happy. And if we can use technology and automation to perform tasks as well as we reporters would, there’s no doubt that’s what we should do."

Hannes Andersson, CEO EverySport Media Group

Driving reach through hyper local sports coverage

"We believe publishing thousands of articles with a dozen or so views each, generates value in a couple of ways. Firstly it’s about reach, which is the foundation of our current business model. Local sports articles often go viral in small clusters which means we reach big audiences on hyper local level. It’s also important for our brand to be seen to provide coverage of all leagues and divisions, including junior ones."

Jan Stian Vold, Project Lead, Bergens Tidende

High quality real estate texts drive subscription sales

"There are 15–50 sales of houses or apartments in Bergen every day, and for buyers, sellers, neighbours, or people moving into the neighbourhood these texts are highly relevant. So we assumed they would generate subscription sales – and we’ve been proven right. The high quality of this real estate content, combined with the fact that it’s automatically generated, provides a net value for us – and our readers."

Peter Sigfridsson, Head of Production Development, Gota Media

Automated news fills in white spots on reporting map

"By automating routine reporting, we free up editorial time and resources to create more qualified journalism which adds value for our readers and support our reader revenue business. While we have razor sharp focus on local content, we still have white spots on the reporting map. With automated texts we ensure readers in these areas too, receive regular updates about local events."

Automated content

Complete content packages directly to your readers

United Robots offers content-as-a-service, which means we build the robots and send the automatically generated content they produce straight to your audiences.

This is what the content might look like when it hits your CMS, sites or apps. Completely automatically, no manual tasks involved.



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