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    Real estate products in Norway


    Single sales product

    The Single Sales product comprises articles about specific homes sold and location/address, price, size as well as name of buyer and seller (if desired). The articles mention the previous sale and price change since last sale.

    The texts also include comparisons over time and with other properties in the area, including things like average sq metre price and houses sold in the residential area.

    The Single sales texts include images from Google Streetview and/or satellite and map images. The delivery can also include graphs from Datawrapper or everviz.


    Top list product

    We provide top lists of sold properties in any municipality and over any period of time, based on price. The list comes with images and links to the articles for the included single real estate sales.

    Top lists can be configured for required time periods, for example weekly or monthly. The lists can include any data that’s available in the single sales articles, as well as Google streetview or Google maps images.


    Hytte product

    Unique to Norway, we offer a content product covering sales of cottages / second homes, “hytter” (unique as specific second home data is generally not available in other countries). The content is available as single sales texts, and include the same information and local comparisons that are included in the regular Single sales product, as well as Google streetview or Google maps images.

    Content examples


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