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Robot journalism is officially the future

The 2019 edition of Schibsted’s much publicised yearly Future Report was published yesterday. We’re very happy to find robot journalism generally identified as a key trend for the future. And to find United Robots specifically featured, through our collaboration with Aftonbladet.

Aftonbladet has been working with us since spring this year in order to introduce automated content in their coverage of the Premier League, traffic and weather. In the Schibsted Future Report, Managing Editor Michael Poromaa describes Aftonbladet’s new use of robot journalism as “one of the biggest revolutions in the history of Schibsted.” Not only can the new technology produce unlimited numbers of articles every day, it also frees up editorial time, allowing reporters to focus on the big and important stories of the day, according to Poromaa.

Our CEO Sören Karlsson was at a media conference in Trondheim when he found out about the inclusion in the Future Report – from Svenska Dagbladet acting publisher Anna Careborg, who talked about Schibsted’s work with United Robots on stage. According to Sören, the collaboration with Aftonbladet (and the article in the report) cements the role of robot journalism in future business development at media houses:

“Featuring in the Schibsted Future Report is like a quality seal of approval for us of course. Our collaboration with Aftonbladet, where we’re developing a Breaking Bot for weather and traffic, and enabling comprehensive coverage of the Premier League, is a real acknowledgement at a national level. The speed of developments in robot journalism since we launched three years ago has exceeded all our expectations. Automated editorial content has now had its real break-through.”

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