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We work with top US real estate data  company PropMix

We're happy to announce that in the US market we're now working with PropMix – a collaboration that enables media companies to deliver hyper local real estate articles containing sales and market insights. The partnership means we're able to provide highly relevant and timely real estate news stories for local media companies to attract readers – based on top quality data from a renowned provider.

“We created the real estate industry’s largest open data and insights platform to power innovations we cannot dream of ourselves”, say Umesh Harigopal, CEO of PropMix. “United Robots is a great example of composing layers of AI to create value in the publishing industry”. PropMix supports an ecosystem of startups and established players by delivering its data and insights such as real estate trends, predictive analytics, and computer vision via 100s of APIs and other traditional integration options.

“We are excited to partner with PropMix to disrupt the real estate news industry and create efficiencies in objective and timely news reporting”, says United Robots CEO Sören Karlsson.

PropMix gathers and curates real estate data, geospatial data, crime statistics and more from across the US and extracts insights using machine learning which are trusted by mortgage companies, investors, and realtors.

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