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United Robots' published press releases, for download. Listed chronologically, from most recent.

Publishers who don’t consider using robot texts for basic reporting are missing out

Crises always drive automation: for the news industry that’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity.
The global pandemic is putting additional pressure on an already challenged news publishing industry. The demand for journalism is growing, but a lot of the revenue underpinning it is disappearing. Reporters are increasingly spread too thin to produce all the
stories editors need and readers expect. One solution to this problem can be to free up journalists’ time by having robots do the routine reporting.

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United Robots build Corona Watch newsdesk tool for Swedish Aftonbladet

It was less than a day from idea to deployment: United Robots build Corona Watch newsdesk tool for Swedish Aftonbladet. According to Aftonbladet Managing Editor Michael Poromaa this solved the problem of updating the 21 regional healthcare authority websites every second, which would have been required in order to be the first to report on new corona cases. “There was an immediate effect,” says Poromaa. 

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Sports robot Q&A function takes non-publisher to two media awards finals.

Robot-meets-human lifts local journalism: This week, Swedish United Robots proved that newsroom automation can make a real difference to journalism, as the company was nominated in two prestigious media competitions – a very rare feat for a non-publisher. The company’s Sports robot Q&A function – the robot interviewing team coaches via text message – has been announced as a finalist in INMA’s Global Media Awards as well as Sweden’s Årets Dagstidning, organised by the country’s news publisher’s association. 

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United Robots recruits to three new senior posts

Swedish tech company United Robots, working in automated editorial content, have filled three new senior positions, ahead of a 2020 expansion phase.

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United Robots deliver their 1 millionth automatically generated article

As robot journalism makes its debut in newsrooms around the world, this week United Robots earns the right to call themselves veterans of this editorial technology.

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United Robots and Schibsted News Media sign strategic agreement

Schibsted News Media and United Robots have signed an agreement about a new strategic collaboration which means United Robots will offer automated editorial content to all of Schibsted’s media houses in Sweden and Norway.

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Three Swedish local media groups go all in on robot journalism

2018 has been the year automated content – robot journalism – has had a real break-through in Swedish newsrooms.

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Robot journalism is officially the future

The 2019 edition of Schibsted’s much publicised yearly Future Report was published yesterday. In it, robot journalism is generally identified as a key trend for the future. And United Robots featured specifically, through our collaboration with Aftonbladet.

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