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Accelerate live sports: a robot text for every video

Live sports is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to driving reader engagement as well as subscription and advertising businesses. However, managing video content publication is often a resource-intensive workflow for news publishers, making it hard and expensive to create substantial video consumption volumes. We have now developed an automated solution to address this issue.

Integrating with the publisher and their video provider, we can provide every single live stream or video clip with its own robot text before and after the match.

This creates value in different ways:

Driving views. By auto-enriching pre-match texts with video, the publisher can drive volumes of subscribers towards upcoming live streamed matches/pay-per-views etc.

Driving ad revenue. By auto-enriching post-match texts, each highlight video is embedded in a robot article, enabling automatic publication. This increases the exposure/consumption of those highlights, driving video ad revenues.

Saving time. The circulation of video highlights and the relevance for readers increase without manual work by the sports desks. Rather, time is actively saved, since nobody needs to manage video clips for publication.

One of the video providers we collaborate with is PlayAd Media Group, who work with a number of Swedish local news publishing groups. Says Niklas Malmborg, Head of Product: "Our work is to a large extent about offering a relevant video to go with every article to be published. And in parallel, to make it as easy as possible for the publisher to embed video on their site. If we can work with United Robots in order to automate a part of that process, it's clearly fantastic for everyone involved. It frees up time and resources plus it drives new video traffic. The right content in the right place without time lag also results in a better user experience, which is ultimately the goal for everyone involved."

Read more about automating sports content, or download our Sports Playbook.

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