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“Our goal is to provide a richer local journalism offer.”

Swedish local media group NWT Media have started publishing robot journalism provided by United Robots, which means we now deliver automated content to all local media groups in the country. The NWT Media agreement includes automatically generated content in sports, real estate, traffic, weather, company registrations & bankruptcies as well as the editorial news alerts service Breaking Desk. The sports content service also includes Q&A, United Robots’ platform for automatic retrieval and publication of coaches’ comments.

“Our partnership with United Robots constitutes a significant boost for our local journalism and the winners are the readers in our regions. We’ll now be able to cover events which we rarely or never had the resources to cover previously. The automated articles will also free up editorial resources which can be applied to producing other valuable journalism,” says NWT Media Publisher Mikael Rothsten.

According to Rothsten, over the past few years automatically generated editorial content has significantly improved in terms of the journalistic quality it delivers. This fact, coupled with other media companies’ positive experiences when implementing robot journalism, contributed to NWT’s decision to invest in automated content from United Robots.

“By deploying robot journalism, the goal is to be able to offer our readers even better and richer local journalism, not least thanks to the breadth of coverage possible. Automating editorial workflows and processes will play a significant part in delivering reader revenue success,” says Mikael Rothsten.

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