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ESMG automate sports coverage for hyper local engagement

Hannes-EverysportSwedish sports data and media veteran EverySport Media Group have signed an agreement with us for automated content from the Sports Robot as well as the Transaction bot. The agreement covers match reports in ice hockey, football and floor ball as well as texts on player transactions in ice hockey. ESMG is a strategic partner to United Robots for sports data, and the two text types covered by the new agreement will be based on ESMG data from the Everysport database and Elite Prospects, the world’s largest ice hockey database, respectively. 

With the automated match reports, initially in football, ice hockey and floorball, the group will be able to cost effectively cover all leagues including junior leagues. Says ESMG CEO Hannes Andersson: “The strategy is to offer comprehensive coverage. We believe publishing thousands of articles with a dozen or so views each, generates value in a couple of ways. Firstly it’s about reach, which is the foundation of our current business model. Local sports articles often go viral in small clusters which means we reach big audiences on hyper local level. It’s also important for our brand to be seen to provide coverage of all leagues and divisions, including junior ones.”

Learn more about how to leverage automated sports content: Download Sports Playbook

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