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Gota Media signs up for all in newsroom automation

Peter-Sigfridsson-GotaSwedish local media group Gota Media is the latest of a growing fleet of Scandinavian publishing houses who see the value of automating as much of their routine reporting as possible. Since we launched in 2015, with Mittmedia (now in Bonnier News Local) as our first partner publisher, newsroom automation has become standard practice in Sweden, freeing up editorial resources and driving business effects, including reader revenues.

We’re thrilled that Gota Media have signed a group-wide contract for most of our robot produced content services: sport match write-ups and pre-match texts, real estate sales articles, texts about company registrations and bankruptcies, traffic incident updates as well as the Breaking Desk newsdesk alerts solution.

Peter Sigfridsson, Head of Production Development tells us that for Gota Media (pictured), investing in newsroom automation is a strategic decision geared to driving value in its local journalism and for its readers. “Gota Media want to leverage current industry developments. By automating routine reporting, we free up editorial time and resources to create more qualified journalism which adds value for our readers and support our reader revenue business.”

The partnership with Gota Media means we now provide automated content to about 85% of Sweden’s local news sites, in media groups like Bonnier News Local, NTM, VK and Stampen Local.

Learn more about news automation: Download our Whitepaper


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