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We’ve been automating editorial content since 2015 and we’ve documented it all. We’ve deployed news automation to fit with the business and journalism strategy of dozens and dozens of publishers. We have learnings to share.

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Real estate vertical Bostadspuls generate +20% CPMs

In the 12 months October 2018–October 2019, the property bot generated 61,800 articles for Bostadspuls (automatically published). The CPM levels for this Home Sales premium advertising environment is around 20% higher than the average Mittmedia CPMs.

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Hyperlocal real estate articles drive reader engagement at Mittmedia

With the real estate bot, the average number of articles (per local site) increased from 2/month to 480/week. The volume of articles as well as the volume of logged-in pageviews increased, thus driving engagement and retention.

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Video: How Mittmedia use robot articles to meet demand for home sales content

Swedish local media group Mittmedia analysed their online content consumption and found that demand for articles about home sales significantly outstripped supply. Our Real Estate Robot was born.

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