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We work hand-in-hand with our publisher partners – together we develop the content and we support their distribution requirements. In parallel, we’re expanding and improving our news platform. We operate in a constantly evolving environment and we like to talk about it.

Here, you can stay up-to-date with what goes on in our publisher universe.


New product: Annual reports in digestible form

The beauty of robots as reporters is that they can sift through and analyze huge amounts of data and then churn out digestible pieces of content, quickly, efficiently and consistently.
Our newest robot tackles the cumbersome task of turning companies' annual reports into short, readable articles and visuals.

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2021 Best Product Award. Nominated: Our Real Estate robot.

OK, that's a slight simplification. But the fact is that Bergens Tidende's new Home Sales vertical – entirely populated with robot written articles – has been nominated in the category Best Subscription or Membership Product in the 2021 Digiday Media Awards Europe. 

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3 Global Media Awards nominations for BTs automated real estate texts

The collaboration between Norwegian publisher Bergens Tidende (Schibsted) and United Robots around automated real estate content – a huge reader revenue success – has now generated nominations in 3 categories of the 2021 INMA Global Media Awards. Five percent of all article conversions at BT now happen through the real estate articles.

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Mads Ommundsen

Norwegian site live with real estate sales

This week, regional title Fædrelandsvennen, part of Polaris Media group, in Kristiansand in southern Norway, has unveiled its brand new Home Sales section, where they publish automated real estate articles about sales in a number of municipalities in Agder county. The publisher's launch included an explanatory article about the new Robot journalist working for them, who retrieves the data, calculates price per square meter, compares it to other homes in the area and writes the text. The articles include Google streetview images of the properties as well as maps and aerial photos with a street address label.

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Real estate texts convert 2% of readers at Gota Media

Swedish local media group Gota Media use automated real estate articles as part of their reader revenue strategy. With a conversion rate of 2%, the Real Estate Robot is currently the best converting byline across the group's ten news sites.

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BT speak about automated Home sales texts at DME

In June, Schibsted’s regional title Bergens Tidende launched a completely new premium vertical on BT.no. Boligsalg (Home Sales) consists solely of robot written articles about house and apartment sales, tagged down to street level to enable hyperlocal segmentation (see image). The high quality of the articles and images combined with the accuracy of the geo targeting now drive 60–70 subscription sales a month for the Norwegian publisher.

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Stavanger Aftenblad launch real estate texts

New client. A second of Schibsted's Norwegian regionals, Stavanger Aftenblad, will start publishing robot texts. SA follows sister publication Bergens Tidende in setting up a Home Sales section on the site, publishing automated texts enriched with Google Streetview, satellite maps and drone video frames – with a view to drive subscription conversions. Live in November.

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AJC live with automated real estate texts

Atlanta Journal Constitution have for many years published yearly reports on Metro Atlanta real estate prices at county level. This year they've deployed United Robots' real estate texts, which have been modified to suit the huge metropolis and AJC readers. The texts are here.

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